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Its Back!

The fun interactive dinner show "A Wing and a Prayer" is back for seconds!

A Wing and a Prayer flyer

Rev. Longacre is gathering a small group of church members together at a potluck supper to broach the subject of starting a building fund. Duty-bound Hazel arrives first to set up everything and tell the Reverend she hasn't yet found out who's been sending him anonymous love letters. Several others arrive including Annie, the church secretary who is hiding something under her coat, and Lillian, the richest woman in town who seldom attends Sunday services. Before Rev. Longacre is able to give his two-hundred-plus reasons for the drive, Lillian startles everyone by announcing she is giving the church $1.5 million in jewelry so there won't even need to be a fund drive. All are stunned. But when Lillian's purse is retrieved from the cloakroom, it is empty of jewels. Well-versed from reading so many mystery novels, Rev. Longacre begins an investigation that leads his church members - and your audience! - to reveal the culprit.

Tickets are Advanced Purchase ONLY. To purchase please call (760) 554-6103 or email us at

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